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Freedom Prospects Sucks

I purchased 70 leads from Freedom Prospects for a sum of $2000 dollars. Tom Lee kept telling me that they were calling, they were setting up, and it would take awhile.
Over 2 weeks later I still don’t have my leads and they won’t send me my money back....Read More »

Asus Nexus 7 Horrible product and service

To Whom It May Concern,

I received a 32 gig Nexus 7 for Christmas of 2013. Due to weather delays and so forth, gifts were not actually exchanged until
16 Jan. 2014. At that time I discovered the Nexus 7 ( 32 gig ) had 20 plus dead pixels, the corner...Read More »

DS Waters of America, Inc is dishonest about fees!

I had their water delivery service from March 2013 to November 2013.
I was told that the water delivery was free, the use of water dispenser was free, also no other fees except water per se. The water was $6/ bottle 5 gallons.

I thought the piece was fair because I...Read More »

Comcast/NBC is a damn joke!

1. Crappy service.
2. Crappy customer service (lack of)
3. Lies, lies, and more lies
4. Crappy service.
5. Crappy service.
6. Crappy service.
7. Lies, falsehoods, and falicies.
8. Crappy Service
9. Crappy serice!
10. Crappy service!

...Read More »

Griffin's propan, deming, NM Extremely Unethical

Just over a year ago, I purchased a nice 10 gallon propane tank from Servi-gas in Deming, and always had it refilled there, and never a problem. Today, they were closed so I fatefully decided to have it filled just a half a mile at a competitor, Griffin’s Propane, the...Read More »

Google is a pyramid scam in league with the devil, the Illuminati and the mormons

You login to google and instantly, KaPow, they know everything about you. Where you live, what you do, what brower you are using, even your screen size. They are spying on you, to control your mind and get you to buy things than nobody wants. Who the hell wants smart...Read More »

Starbucks put fat loaded milk in my non fat latte

I went to starbucks and ordered my usual venti add shot no whip non fat milk latte and the woman must be having a bad day as I got one with fat in it. I can taste the fatness growing on me. I immediately spit it out and called to...Read More »

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